Helping Your Child Reach Their Full Potential

By Lexy Capp

A parent’s primary goal should be helping their children reach their full potential. It is important to express a genuine interest in helping our children find success in this life without being pushy or forceful. Without this encouragement, our children could get lost in the world and get a sense that they aren’t capable of accomplishing anything (which is the wrong message to send to any child — let alone your own). By encouraging your children, you are giving them the confidence that they are capable of doing whatever they want — even if that means changing the world.

Lexy Capp

One way for your child to reach his or her full potential is by establishing goals. Setting goals is something important you can do with your child at a young age. Have a one on one chat with your child and ask them about their dreams and ambitions. By doing this, you are listening to your child and they will immediately know that you are taking a keen interest in what they have to say. You and your child can then perhaps come up with various steps to take and what must be done in order to reach a particular goal they have. After all, before someone can be a scientist, they have to learn how science works.

A child grows by learning to see the world in new ways. Parents must help their children by assisting them with time management. A good way to help with time management is by building a weekly checklist of items that need to be done. As parents we all understand the importance of time management and how much it comes to play every single day. It is better to educate our children about this early so they won’t be lost and lose track of time in the future when it really counts.

Now with any given goal there are always obstacles that get in the way that we must learn how to face and ultimately overcome. When faced with these obstacles, it is important for us to remind our children to stay strong. Teach your child that if you want something bad enough, then you have to keep your head up and go after the dream no matter what it takes. It is this mentality that breeds true champions and separates the winners from the quitters. Persistence is key to winning. By staying strong, our children will grow as individuals, become less dependent and, reach their full potential.

The most important advice I can impart on you about helping your child reach their full potential is that you need to let your child live their own life. There will come a time for all parents when they realize there is only so much they can do before they let their child fly away into the world on his or her own. We can only hope that we taught them well enough to become accomplished, successful, and human beings who have reached their full potential.

Lexy Capp is the Owner and Founder of Nannies & Housekeepers USA. She started the agency 10 years ago. Lexy has lived in Las Vegas for 21 years and has a background in Public Relations and Marketing. She is the mother of three sons who all grew up in Las Vegas. Lexy is very involved in community work and believes it is important to give back to the community that has been so good to her. She is very involved with Children’s Miracle Network and St. Rose Dominican Hospitals. Lexy’s column appears quarterly in ParentsGuide of Las Vegas.