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Peppa Pig Live!

More fun than a muddy puddle! Peppa Pig is hitting the road for her first-ever U.S. theatrical tour, Peppa Pig’s Big Splash!

The original production features life size puppets of Peppa, George, and all their friends in an all-singing, all-dancing adventure full of songs, games and muddy puddles!

Coming to the Cox Pavillion February 19th. For tickets call 702-739-FANS or visit

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January 2016 Pages

Winter Family Fun at Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort

Less than an hour north of our sun-drenched city is Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort (LVSSR), a magical winter oasis that sits amid the Ponderosa pine and Aspen trees in Lee Canyon on Mt. Charleston. For more than 50 years, parents and children have enjoyed winter days skiing and snowboarding at LVSSR. With a multi-million-dollar expansion plan underway, LVSSR has added two new quad chair lifts, made upgrades to its base area and added new winter amenities.

Last year, LVSSR unveiled its snow tubing area, that’s a great option for non-skiing and snowboarding families who want to enjoy a fun yet safe snow play area. Offering two lanes of snow sliding exciting and a special lift that transports tubers uphill after a thrilling ride, snow tubing is available on weekends and holiday periods throughout the winter season. Parents can also host private events, like a child’s birthday party, on non-holiday weekdays.

Also new is Bluebird, a quad chair lift that replaced the 32 year-old Chair Two. The addition of this lift means shorter lift lines as this quad has twice the capacity and speed as it predecessor.

Families who are curious about learning to ski or snowboard or who want to tune up their skills, LVSSR is the perfect place to do both. As one of the only resorts in the United States to offer complimentary coaching services, LVSSR’s seasoned professionals are on hand to offer quick refreshers on skills like turning and stopping. Coaches are available on Rabbit Peak to work with guests (guests must have a season pass or daily lift ticket), and those who would like a more in-depth learning experience can book private lessons.

For first-time skiers or snowboarders, LVSSR also offers ski/snowboarding clothing rentals as well as gear rentals, including high performance skis and snowboards. For a savings on lift tickets, families can purchase lift tickets online at

Whether a child has big dreams of being an Olympian or he or she just wants more consistent instruction, LVSSR offers youth ski and snowboarding programs. LVSSR’s Mountaineers Program caters to skiers who 3 to 6 years old and its Freeride Program is for both snowboarders and skiers ages 7 to 14. Both programs emphasize fun, safety, and skill development.

Whether your family is a group of seasoned snow veterans or you’re looking to introduce your kids to the magic of skiing or snowboarding, LVSSR truly has something for everyone. For more information, to buy lift tickets or to book a program session visit or call 702‑385‑2754.

Save Lives, Don’t Text and Drive

I’m Tristan Nunez, a 20-year-old professional race car driver for MAZDA and national advocate for driver safety, with a focus on teen driver safety.

Because of my unique occupation, I’m able to spread the word across the country of the dangers of distracted driving. I launched the Dnt txt n drV Foundation in 2014, and last year, I teamed up with Cooper Tire because we both share a commitment to driver safety. Cooper Tire has been a long-time advocate of proper tire safety and maintenance, and together with my focus on the dangers of distracted driving, we make a great team to help everyday drivers—especially young ones— stay safe.

I often feel safer when I’m on the race track than when I’m driving on the highway. Race car drivers are highly focused on safety and operating our car’s with the utmost care, which is critical at the speeds we run. Yet, on the streets every day, there is much less attention to safe driving and there are so many distractions. New drivers are especially vulnerable to these distractions and they are also generally less knowledgeable about aspects such as tire safety.

I recommend some simple safe driving tips to keep young people focused on the road:

  • Remove a key distraction by turning off your phone. If it is still in your line of site and is too much of a temptation, lock it way in your glove box or put it in the back seat where it won’t be visible and available to you.
  • Don’t eat, apply makeup or engage in other activities that take your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road. Take care of these things before you leave home or wait until you arrive at your destination.
  • If traveling with friends, appoint one who is not driving as your “designated texter.” Have that person stay in touch with others for you.
  • Similarly, don’t text family or friends when you know they are driving. You want them to arrive safely to their destination, and you don’t want to be the cause of an accident.
  • Speak up. Call out parents, siblings, friends and others who are engaged in distracted driving. Tell them that they must stop. Most of the time, they will. If not, make the choice not to ride with them and be clear about why.

In addition to these tips, I also recommend three key tire safety tips. Since tires are the only component connecting your car to the road, keeping your tires properly and regularly maintained also plays a vital role in helping to keep you safe while driving.

  • Tire pressure: Drivers are advised to check their tire pressure when tires are cool—at least three hours after the last time a vehicle has been driven—and to be sure they know the proper tire pressure for their vehicle. The correct tire pressure is not shown on the tire, but is listed in the car’s owner’s manual, on the door jamb, or the glove box door. Properly inflated tires lead to better control of the vehicle, improved fuel consumption and help avoid uneven tread wear.
  • Tread depth: Proper tread depth helps tires maintain traction, improve handling and prevent hydroplaning on wet roads. Drivers can check tread depth with a common U.S. penny or a tread depth indicator.
  • Tire condition: It’s important that tires are routinely checked for cuts, cracks, splits, punctures and bulges, which could cause tire failure. Cooper advises drivers to check the condition of their tires before every lengthy road trip and at least monthly.

Team up with me in the race to end distracted driving on the road. For more information about distracted driving prevention and tire safety and maintenance, visit and

Enter to win a brand new $900.00 set of Discoverer SRX Cooper Tires® at

Save lives, don’t text and drive.

Swimming Lessons

The New Year’s Resolution to Add to Your List for 2016

Now that the holidays are over, many parents start thinking, “What’s next?” Amidst the New Year’s resolutions, and goal-setting for 2016, families usually also start planning ahead for their spring and summer vacations. Many of these vacations are spent around the water, whether at a pool, at the ocean, or at a lake. However, as parents book their hotel rooms and reserve their plane tickets, they sometimes forget to make sure that their kids know how to swim.

Unfortunately some families wait until just a couple of weeks before their vacation to sign their kids up for swim lessons. At that point, they look for a quick crash course, and then find themselves in a quandary, when their child’s swimming skills are not at the level that is needed to enjoy swimming while on vacation.

Learning to swim takes commitment of both time and finances. It is not a one-time event, but rather a journey that consists of many phases and steps. Children must first learn breath control and buoyancy, then kicking, strokes, treading water, etc. Therefore, it is impossible for kids to suddenly become proficient swimmers, in a matter of just a few lessons. Parents should plan ahead and sign their children up for swim lessons early in the year, in order to be prepared for the spring/summer vacations and parties.

A second reason to add swim lessons to your New Year’s resolutions is that swimming has many health benefits. It is good exercise for kids, and helps to develop long lean muscles. It is also good for the respiratory system and the heart as well. Physicians say that swim lessons also help with cognitive development, motor skills, and coordination.

Lastly, and most importantly, parents should add swim lessons to their list of New Year’s Resolutions because drowning sadly is not a seasonal occurrence, but rather a year-round, worldwide epidemic. Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under 14 years of age. The pool is just as much, if not more of a danger to kids in the winter time as it is in the summer time. When a child falls in to a very cold body of water, panic quickly sets in, therefore even a child who was well-skilled in the summer time, is at a higher risk for drowning in the winter, especially if he or she has been out of practice for a few months.

It is best to keep children in swim lessons year-round, so that they are constantly exposed to the water and constantly maintaining their skills. Children who swim year-round, remain confident and comfortable, in and around the water, through all seasons.

Katrina Brandhagen is the Owner/Director of All Star Swim Academy. For more information on swim lessons for students of all ages and abilities, please call 702-565-3824 or visit

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