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In Home Piano Lessons Proves a Good Fit for Former School Teacher

After teaching elementary and middle school for 15 years it was time for a change. Brad Seagle became a full time piano teacher, but with a twist. Brad would not only offer traditional piano lessons at his studio, he would teach students directly in their own homes.

With several dozen students across the Las Vegas Valley, Brad spends much of his day commuting to music lessons, so parents don’t have to. While Brad’s in-home lessons are slightly more expensive than his standard lessons, the moms of the students say it’s worth it. They save time and gas by not driving to the lesson themselves and their child gets to learn on their own familiar piano.

Born into a musical family in Fresno, CA, Brad began playing the piano very early in life and has always enjoyed it. Combining his natural love of piano with his former profession as a general education teacher has been a successful fit. Not only does Brad teach the piano, he also continues to improve his musical abilities by regularly taking advanced lessons himself. He says, “You can never stop learning”.

To find out more about Brad Seagle visit or call him at 702-631-2223.

elements fitness for Women Announces Opening in Henderson

elements fitness for Women (small e, small f, capital W) is now open at 11251 South Eastern Avenue in Henderson, Nevada. A national franchise, elements is a premium brand of lifestyle health clubs focused on women and their fitness needs. The boutique style clubs are equipped with the latest fitness amenities and include personal and motivation coaching for wellness, weight loss and nutrition. Its offerings also include an exclusive line of dietary supplements from BalanceDiet and proprietary metabolic testing for carbohydrate and fat sensitivity, which can form the basis for a sensible weight-loss plan. Memberships in the club are now open and the first 100 founding members are eligible for a lifetime rate of $39 a month.

According to franchise owner Melissa Schmidt, elements is an important addition to the fitness options available to women in Las Vegas. “The elements program is truly individualized to meet the needs of each client. We want women to feel at home and motivated to reach their fitness goals,” she comments, “There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all at elements. I’m really excited to bring this great concept to southern Nevada, starting with our Henderson club.”

elements fitness for Women is a boutique health club focused on meeting the health and fitness needs of women in Henderson and Las Vegas. It is a center for women to gather in a place that nurtures and motivates them and that helps them become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. Club offerings include personal and motivational coaching, relaxation, conditioning and cardio group classes and nutritional counseling, all provided in a luxurious and fully-equipped fitness environment. Its trained staff and dedicated owners are committed to offering local women a balanced approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle. elements fitness for Women and BalanceDiet are trademarked international franchise brands based in Miami, Florida. The clubs are a premium fitness and healthy living brand for women, which offer membership-based fitness and weight-loss services through a network of upscale, boutique-style health clubs. More information is available at or by calling 702-945-0234.

Halloween and Trick or Treating Safety For Children

October is here and with it comes one of the favorite holidays for our children – Halloween. What is better than costumes and treats? While Halloween is great fun it also carries some risks. There are many ways to minimize the risks of trick-or-treating.

No child, regardless of age, should trick-or-treat by themselves. Your young children should always be accompanied by an adult or a responsible child. You should instruct your child to never enter someone’s home.

Costumes should be flame retardant. This will be indicated on the costume label. All children should wear a reflective strip on both sides of their clothing. Do not dress your children in any costumes which may make them trip and fall, such as those with clothing that reaches the ground or that use high heel shoes. Face masks should always have openings large enough for your child to breathe comfortably and to see easily. Instead of a mask you can decorate your child’s face with make-up. If your child’s costume includes a sword, spear or other pointy object, these should always be made of soft and flexible material.

“There are many ways to minimize the risks of trick-or-treating.”

Street safety is very important on Halloween. Your child’s route should be planned in advance. Your child should carry a flashlight at night. Your child should not walk between parked cars to cross the street. Your child should not walk near lit candles or luminaries. Your child should always walk on the sidewalk, not in the street or in unlit areas. Encourage your child to walk, not run. A responsible person should carry a cell phone.

It is best if your child can trick-or-treat at homes or apartments which have signed up to be available. Your child should not approach any house which is not lighted.

Your child may receive a lot of candy and other unhealthy snacks. Encourage your child to not eat a large quantity of these. You can help by feeding your child before they leave to trick-or-treat. If your children are young they should not eat anything before it is examined by you or another adult.

A favorite Halloween activity is carving pumpkins. This activity can create a risk of injury or fire. Your young children should not carve with a knife. They can draw a face on the pumpkin and you can do the carving. Older children can carve with a safety knife. A stable candle, such as a memorial candle, should be used if you are placing a candle in the pumpkin. Lit pumpkins should be placed in a stable position out of reach of young children and away from fire hazards.

Halloween is great fun for your children but remember to make it safe fun.

Harvey J. Simon, M.D., is the Chief Medical Director of Good Night Pediatrics, which provides pediatric urgent care every night of the year from 5 P.M. to 5 A.M.

We Need Real Education Reform, Not Higher Taxes

Nevadans from all walks of life want a better quality of education for the state’s rising generation. This desire has repeatedly been frustrated, however, by the demonstrated inability of public school districts, historically and currently, to translate increased financial resources into higher student achievement.

While Nevadans have nearly doubled school spending per pupil on an inflation-adjusted basis over the past 40 years — now spending more, per pupil, than do a majority of Nevada’s neighboring states — most education spending still goes to programs that do little for student achievement. Nevada is not alone in its failure to translate increased school funding into greater student achievement. There’s a nationwide disconnect between school spending and student success — a fact which has led academics at top universities to research how best to improve the cost-effectiveness of public spending on education. This body of research, over the past several decades, has yielded education reforms that would fundamentally improve the delivery of education in America.

“…inability… to translate increased financial resources into higher student achievement.”

Because this reform agenda frequently challenges traditional methods of public schooling, however, it has encountered fierce resistance from entrenched bureaucrats, union officials and other special interests. In reaction, these interest groups have launched their own “Counter Reformation” that ostensibly seeks improvement of student achievement, but primarily through expansion of existing public-education practices.

Yet, voluminous academic research examining the counter-reformation proposals has produced a remarkable consensus: While counter-reformation policies can improve student achievement, the gains are neither lasting nor cost-effective. On this, education scholars across the political spectrum agree: Whether they’re from The Brookings Institution or the Cato Institute, the Center for American Progress or the nation’s leading universities, they concur: To make public spending on education cost-effective, an aggressive slate of reform policies is required.

This study reviews the academic literature and empirical evidence on alternative policy proposals and concludes by synthesizing these research findings into a policy agenda that would make Nevada’s education spending much more effective.

These recommendations are particularly relevant as a current ballot initiative would finance a counter-reformation policy agenda by new taxes imposed on Nevadans. As this report shows, existing resources — redeployed more effectively — can provide Nevada youth with substantially superior opportunities for success in life.

Geoffrey Lawrence is the Director of Research and Legislative Affairs at Nevada Policy Research Institute. To see the full education report please visit

Family Music celebrates 19 years in Las Vegas!

With more than 40 professional teachers providing thousands of lessons each month, Family Music Centers has grown from employing a couple of music teachers in 1995 into the largest private music teaching institution in the state of Nevada.

Countless professional musicians and CCSD music teachers have taught at Family Music over the years, and now after 19 years in business, many Family Music students have been selected for such musical honors as All State Honor Band, All State Jazz Band, as well as winning scholarships to prestigious summer music festivals. Several have gone on to earn music scholarships to college, and some have become accomplished music educators themselves.

Jim Mason, a founding partner and owner of Family Music says, “The key to our growth and success has been assembling highly experienced teaching professionals. We select those who have a love and enthusiasm for teaching to join our family.” Beyond just the credentials, and great musicianship, instructors at Family Music are committed to creating a fun, friendly and patient approach to teaching.

Jeff Brewer, Director of Music Education and percussion/drum instructor for Family Music Centers, explains, “No other private institution in Las Vegas offers youth instruction in such a wide variety of instruments. This makes it possible for busy families to take two or more children to music lessons at the same time, even if they play different instruments.”

And when Jeff says “variety” he means all of the brass, woodwinds and strings you would typically hear in your child’s middle school or high school band or orchestra. Family Music also teaches guitar, drums, vocals and of course piano. They also provide ensembles were students can play together, including Rock U, where students can play rock/pop music which they typically do not get through public or private school music programs.

To find out more about Family Music visit them online at

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