Turning Harmonies into Memories

The power of song brings us all together and helps us feel connected, strong and proud. Music is woven through the basic fabric of Girl Scouting, girls and their leaders have been writing, singing, and playing songs that celebrate sisterhood for 100 years. Whether singing around a campfire, a troop ceremony or a special event like World of Girls, Girl Scouts have always enjoyed the fun and fellowship that music can create.

Girl Scouts have traditional songs that are passed from generation to generation. As a mom, when your daughter comes home one day signing the Brownie Smile song, it may bring back memories of sisterhood. But, beyond the traditions, girls can test their musical interests through badge exploration.

For girls in grades 4-5, the Musician badge dives into our musical world by following five steps.

  1. Explore how music is made
  2. Travel around the world of music
  3. Check out the music in your life
  4. Make your own music
  5. Perform your music

Each step girls must complete one of three activities listed diving deeper into the world of music. Adventurous girls who really want to discover more are encouraged to do all three.

Songs set the mood and build excitement, and everybody loves music. Girls Scouts provides an outlet for girls to experience, grow and embrace their artistic capabilities; and music is just one way to inspire the world around us.

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