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Discovery Children’s Museum Upcoming Events

Summer Camp

School’s out and DISCOVERY Children’s Museum’s summer camps offer kids the perfect place to learn, play, and explore!

When: July 10 – Aug. 4

Morning sessions (8 a.m. to 12 p.m.), afternoon sessions (1 p.m. to 5 p.m.) are available along with full day sessions, which include a lunch option for purchase. Summer Camp is split into groups of 6-9 year olds, and 10-12 year olds.

Prices: $180 per week (1/2 day) $360 per week (full day)

Between care is free with purchase of both morning and afternoon camps in the same week.

To register for summer camp, please call (702) 382-3445 Monday through Saturday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Please visit our website for more information about summer camp and to download the 2017 schedule:

DISCOVERY Children’s Museum’s 4th Annual Community Art Showcase– New

Join us in celebrating Art Appreciation Month! Let your imagination run wild and create something beautiful to share with us. The DISCOVERY Children’s Museum staff and visitors are invited to contribute their work of art to be displayed on the third floor of the museum, outside of Young at Art for everyone to see!

When: Monday, July 31 – Art Submission Deadline

Visitor Services will collect all entries on your next visit to the museum. Submissions will be accepted until Monday, July 31st, at which point our Arts and Humanities Education team will assemble the most creative and interesting work to be displayed in the Showcase during the month of August!

July Programs and Promotions

Pack Your Bags! – New

DISCOVERY Children’s Museum goes international in July, exploring travel, landscapes and geography.

Australia – July 8-14

Toddler Town

Join us as we explore the continent of Australia, and learn all about koala bears. Learn interesting facts about these herbivorous marsupials that are native to Australia, and create your own version of a cuddly koala.

Young At Art

Australia may be the world’s smallest continent, but it has a wide variety of landscapes! Come make your own masterpiece inspired by all we discover!

Solve It!

Join us as we explore some of Australia’s unique landscapes!

Africa – July 15-21

Toddler Town

Explore animals native to Africa, and learn all about lions. These large and beautiful animals are very social, and they live in groups called prides. Design your own majestic lion to take home with you.

Young At Art

The Congo Basin spans across six countries in Central Africa and contains approximately 10,000 species of tropical plants! Come explore this tropical region and create art inspired by what you see!

Solve It! – Learn about Africa’s many geographical regions and ecosystems.

South America – July 22-28

Toddler Town

Join us as we explore the continent of South America, and learn about llamas. These intelligent animals are very social and live with other llamas in herds. Create a lovable lama mask!

Young At Art

South America is home to volcanoes from the Pacific Ring of Fire! Learn about these amazing land forms and design your own volcano sculpture!

Solve It!

Where are the largest rivers and the driest places located? South America! Come along and discover the many extremes of this remarkable continent!

Antartica – July 29 – Aug. 4

Toddler Town

Learn all about the Emperor Penguin, the largest species of penguins found all around the coasts of the Antarctic continent. Create your own version of an Emperor Penguin.

Young At Art

While most of Antarctica is too cold and dry to support vegetation, the Antarctic tundra has areas of rocky soil that support plant life! Design your own tundra landscape inspired by what you find!

Solve It!

Discover the natural wonders of the Antarctic landscape!

Birthday Experiences

At DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, birthday celebrations are extra special and extra easy. We make sure every birthday includes fun-filled, unforgettable experiences. Every Birthday Experience includes all-access to our nine galleries packed with extraordinary hands-on adventures that focus on science, nature, art and early childhood education.

Birthday Experience Packages Include:

  1. Unlimited use of the museum on the day of your Birthday Experience (before or after the celebration, during business hours)
  2. 1.5 hours of festivities in the party room of your choice
  3. Birthday cake from Freeds Bakery (1/4 sheet cake) with candles, ice cream cups and drinks
  4. Option of birthday gift registry through the DISCOVERY retail store
  5. Party favors – Favor Bags (5 and up) or musical instruments (4 and under)
  6. 30 minute Birthday Experience activity
  7. Streaming Music
  8. Ongoing customized video tribute of birthday child
  9. Solid-color place setting of your choice
  10. Complete setup and cleanup handled by the museum
  11. Special DISCOVERY Children’s Museum birthday t-shirt for birthday child


Birthday Experiences are available during regular museum operating hours on Saturday and Sunday only. Dates and times are subject to availability.

8 Ways to Prevent Tweens from Backsliding This Summer

Two and a half months of vacation equals two and a half months of no learning. And sometimes that equals two and a half months of backsliding, also called summer learning loss.

But there’s good news. You can prevent this dreaded summer learning loss by keeping your kids’ brains engaged throughout the summer. Here’s how:

1. Read

If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, a book a week keeps the brain at its peak. (Clearly I wasn’t hired for my rhymes … but you get the gist.)

Reading keeps your comprehension skills up to par. But make daily reading fun, not grueling. Participate in a summer reading program. Let your child choose the books they want to read. Let them stay up late to read in bed with a headlamp. Read and review books on Bookopolis. For more creative reading activities, visit my Reading Activities board on Pinterest.

2. Take Field Trips

Museums, nature centers, and historic sites build a child’s background knowledge and vocabulary. If this isn’t an option, you can always go on a virtual field trip.

3. Play Games

Most games help kids practice social skills and problem solving, both good things to keep sharp over the summer. Try playing strategy and thinking games like Scrambled States of America, WordARound, Swish, FlipOut, or Zeus on the Loose.

4. Shop

Let your kids spend their allowance. And encourage them to help you pay for things when you’re out shopping. This gives them practice adding up costs as well as counting money, important math and life skills.

5. Write

Since kids love technology, get your kids writing with their own private blog. Suggest writing reviews about movies, games, or books to share with their friends and family members.

Make writing social. Kids will have fun writing a shared story with their friends via email or Google Docs.

6. Make Math Fun

It’s true that kids lose their math facts without practice. (I occasionally have to review my 8s now and again, too.) Certainly there’s always flashcards, but don’t forget multiplication and division apps. See what you think about these fun choices: Sushi Monster, Mathmateer, and Squeebles.

7. Go to Camp

Attend a camp. Even better, attend a camp that encourages developing new skills. Reinforce the camp’s learning with discussion and activities at home.

8. Try DIY with Pinterest

It’s not just adults who are addicted to Pinterest; kids love it, too. Help your kids use Pinterest to find DIY activities to try — whether arts and crafts or home décor. They’ll be reading, following directions, problem solving, and best of all, creating. Follow Make Magazine, Instructables and Babble Dabble Do for lots of DIY ideas.

Of course, it still is summer so be flexible and don’t forget to play. As Fred Rogers famously said, “Play is really the work of childhood.”


Kids & Staff Create Bonding Experience

Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada recently completed year-long mentoring programs. This program was possible thanks to a generous funding from the Office of Justice Programs. To celebrate the completion of the program we hosted an End of the Year Celebration with the kids and staff/mentors. Over 300 people joined in games, prizes, face painting, entertainment, snacks and a delicious meal provided by our friends at PDQ!

Fuel for Life Southwest Gas Supports Youth

Donations are heating up for youth thanks to Southwest Gas Employees!

Southwest Gas Corporation Fuel For Life program is a way for SWG employees to contribute to local non-profit organizations either by making a one-time gift or via ongoing payroll deduction. This year were fortunate enough to be one of their 10 charities in Southern Nevada chosen by the Fuel For Life employee committee.

Since the program began in 2012, Southwest Gas employees have donated over $5 million to non-profit agencies.

During their 2015/2016 campaign:

Approximately 67% of Southwest Gas employees participated in our FUEL for LIFE program. Approximately $1.47 million was donated company wide to 183 non-profit agencies. In the Southern Nevada area, Southwest Gas Employees donated over $697,000 to local non-profit agencies.

Letter From the Publisher

Two years ago I took over Parents Guide. Since that time, I have been overjoyed at the response and gratitude I have received from the community for running a free, local publication. I have done all I can to provide information for parents in the Las Vegas Valley, publishing information about politics, local businesses, and events throughout the city. I look forward to continuing to serve the community in the best ways possible.

With that in mind, I am reaching out to you, the reader, to understand how Parents Guide can best reach out to the community with information and distribution. So far, we have been distributed all over the Valley, mainly in grocery stores, to reach the most people possible. However, we need to reach out to more parents and businesses to have greater impact with our distribution and content. As a reader of this publication, and as a fellow local, I need your help. If there is a business or location you frequent where you would like to pick up Parents Guide, please let them know! This way, we can distribute the magazines in such a way where we have greater reach throughout the community and our information will better reflect the interests and patterns of our readers. We are trying to grow the magazine and help even more parents in Las Vegas get the information they need to navigate the city. I hope you will help me learn the best strategies for reaching the most parents and attain the most relevant content for the community. Any business, organization, or individual can contact me at any time to provide feedback, information or suggestions for distribution and content. I hope you all had a great holiday season and look forward to another great year serving parents in Las Vegas in 2017!


Mark Rudy

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