A Parents Guide to Las Vegas

Despite its reputation as Sin City, the Entertainment Capital of the World has more to offer families than just shows and pool parties. From luxury spas fit for royalty to a plethora of fitness studios, the city has evolved beyond the adult-focused experiences that have earned it its nickname and is more family-friendly than ever before.

This movie features lots of f-bombs, foul language, and racy sexual innuendo, as well as a story that celebrates degradation, irresponsibility, and nihilism. Parents may want to consider whether it’s appropriate for their teens to see this satirical comedy about American culture.

Although the Griswolds are all about having fun, they don’t always make good decisions and often forget to take care of themselves or those around them. This movie depicts gambling as innocent fun and could encourage kids to take risks with their own money. Parents should talk to their children about when and how gambling might go too far, as well as the real-life consequences of reckless behavior.

The f-bombs, foul language, raunchy jokes, and racy sexual innuendo make this film unsuitable for younger viewers. It also celebrates drugs and drinking, which many parents may not want to encourage in their children. The plot is loosely based on the book by Hunter S. Thompson and contains numerous f-bombs, foul language, nudity (topless), and racy sexual innuendo.

Located behind Circus Circus, this massive indoor theme park has plenty of rides and games for all ages. There are also mini-golf, movies, and fairground-style games, making it a perfect spot to entertain the whole family.

The best way to get some killer Vegas views is from the observation wheel, the High Roller at The LINQ. Catching the ride around sunset is the best way to get awesome pics and teach your little ones about the history of Vegas.