A Parents Guide to Las Vegas for Families

LAS VEGAS—or as it’s more commonly known, “Sin City”—might not be the first place that comes to mind when planning a family vacation. The casino-filled, raucous metropolis is often associated with debauchery, excessive adult entertainment, and a lack of cultural experiences that would be appealing to young children. But if you’re willing to venture beyond the Strip, this city of excess has an abundance of adventure-filled activities that are perfect for families.

For a more wholesome Vegas experience, opt for smaller casinos off the Strip. These casinos are less likely to host and advertise adult shows and tend to attract a more mature crowd than the younger, louder clientele found on The Strip. Moreover, these hotels often offer more child-friendly amenities, such as swimming pools, game rooms, and kid-oriented shows.

Kids will love exploring the world of M&M’s at this four-story candy store, which features a whopping 40+ flavors of the beloved treat and plenty of other fun games and attractions. Or, take your little ones to the 117,000-gallon aquarium at the Silverton Hotel for a glimpse of countless tropical fish, three species of stingrays, and—the most impressive feature of all—mermaids. They can also pose for photos with their favorite celebrities and characters at Madame Tussauds, which features a lineup that includes Muhammad Ali, the Kardashians, and Marvel Superheroes. The kids will love taking a selfie with these life-size versions of their idols.