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Daily news is a type of news report, aimed at keeping readers updated on developments in the world and in their local communities. Daily news usually comes in the form of a newspaper, though online publication is also common. Many newspapers publish daily news content in multiple formats, including short bulletins for use on smart speakers or a longer news podcast, such as the P3 News With podcast from Swedish Radio. Some also publish a live news feed, typically updated several times per day to cover developments as they unfold.

In the United States, the most famous example of a daily newspaper is the New York Daily News, a tabloid that was once the largest in circulation. The paper became notorious for its sensational coverage of crime and scandal, and attracted a readership with lurid photographs, cartoons, and gossip. It fought a long battle for circulation with the rival New York Post, and at its peak in the 1920s had a daily circulation of more than 2 million.

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated plans to launch daily news podcasts, as publishers looked to tap into audiences’ interest in deeper coverage of the crisis. As a result, the number of such shows in the US has grown rapidly over the past year, with four of the top five podcasts now being devoted to daily news – according to the Podtrac ranking.

While it is difficult to estimate how many people subscribe to daily news podcasts, interviews with publishers suggest that listener numbers have held up well during the lockdown period. And many publishers interviewed say that ad revenue has held up better than in other categories, with some saying it is actually at higher levels than before the pandemic began.

Daily news podcasts are particularly popular in the UK, where a handful of major publishers have found success. BBC podcasts – such as Today in Focus, Newscast and the Morning Show – have attracted large audiences. In addition, the Guardian launched its own deep-dive show called Full Story in late 2017, while FT and Le Quart d’Heure have made their mark with round-up shows.

There is less competition in France, where only a handful of publishers have embraced the format. But the emergence of a French podcast ranker, led by Les Echos, has opened up the market for players such as 20 Minutes and La Story from Radio France. This has helped drive audience growth, with both shows now enjoying more than two million downloads a month, according to publicly available data. In Australia, the Guardian is also in the fray with Full Story, which has a hybrid format that starts with a news briefing before moving on to explore a single important story. There are also a handful of weekly chat-style podcasts such as the FT’s News Briefing and The Quicky from Radio National. All of these are vying for attention against the backdrop of fast-moving stories that demand regular updates.