Law New – A New Era in Legal

law new

Law New is a new way of thinking about the future of the legal industry. It is not a technology-focused initiative, but a collaborative, customer-centric, solution-based approach that reflects the speed and complexity of business and society. It is a cross-functional project with a focus on risk-awareness, enabling the legal function to be more effective and more valued.

The legal industry’s dominant provider sources – law firms and in-house counsel departments – still operate in siloes, operating from different economic models, cultures, remits, technology platforms, data and end-user needs/expectations. In a law new world, these entities will work in concert to provide accessible, affordable, on-demand, solution-based, law and legal products and services aimed at meeting the needs of business and society at a level of service that will enable profitability.

For example, law new will involve collaboration among the various stakeholders of a particular legal challenge such as the development and production of a Covid-19 vaccine. This type of collaborative process is essential to a modern economy because significant global challenges cannot be mastered by one person, function, enterprise or group of stakeholders. The legal function will play a key role in this type of cross-functional, collaborative process and can leverage its collective experience to help shape the new environment.

The new world will also see a shift away from the legal industry’s “lawyer as king” mentality, wherein lawyers dominate and control every aspect of the law practice. A new generation of legal consumers and society at large will demand a more transparent, collaborative, value-based and customer-centric approach to legal services. Law new will be a project led by law firm partners and senior lawyers, with the support of their colleagues and technology professionals. The legal product and service delivery model will be a platform-based, multidisciplinary, customer-centric initiative that leverages internal/external resources and technology platforms to create new law solutions aimed at meeting the needs of business and societies at a level of service that will drive profitability.

A new era in legal will also see the emergence of corporate Goliaths that have the brand, capital, know-how, customer-centricity and data mastery, tech platforms and agile, multidisciplinary teams to reverse-engineer existing paradigms and disrupt the legal industry. They will be able to meet the rising expectations of legal buyers and society at large.

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