Parents Guide of Las Vegas

Parents Guide of las vegas

Each year more than four million visitors to Las Vegas travel with kids. Sunny weather, bargain-priced rooms and food, and tons of attractions make it a popular vacation spot for families. But how do children have fun in a city created for adults? Author Kathy Espin offers first-hand details on hundreds of wholesome, kid-friendly activities. From knock-your-eyes-out thrill rides to wild animal habitats, horseback riding to introducing kids to an Elvis impersonator, this book is the ultimate guide for family fun.

Not Rated – some f-bombs, foul language and racy sexual innuendo; may be too intense for very young children.

From a luxury spa fit for royalty to fitness studios that will get your heart rate up, there’s plenty of ways to stay healthy in Vegas. And if you need a babysitter, we’ve got you covered with these 5 five-star agencies.