Sources of Business News

business news

If you are interested in business news, there are many outlets to turn to for information. These include magazines, online publications and television programs. Many of these focus on a variety of subjects, including corporate governance, economic trends and business strategies. They also cover topics such as the stock market, unemployment and job growth. The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are two of the most popular sources of business news.

A business is any entity that seeks profit from an activity. This can be achieved by selling products or services to customers in exchange for money. Businesses can be large or small and can operate in one or multiple industries. They can also take a number of forms, including sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. However, the key factor in defining a business is its pursuit of profits.

Skye Schooley is a staff writer for Business News Daily, where she creates content that helps small business owners succeed in the workplace. She has more than a decade of writing experience, and her work has appeared in print and online for both B2B and B2C digital publications, including the consumer-tech site Top Ten Reviews. Her focus on human resources content allows her to use her knowledge of best practices to help small business owners manage their workforce and foster a positive company culture.

Adam Uzialko is a senior editor at Business News Daily, where he edits articles that provide small business owners with tips on how to be successful. He has more than seven years of experience in journalism, having worked as a reporter at multiple regional publications. He has a strong background in copy editing, having previously edited thousands of pieces for both B2B and B2C content for multiple online publications.

Kayla St. Germain leads growth marketing and sales enablement initiatives for Business News Daily, where she leverages her expertise to support revenue and growth in her teams and client partners. Her prior experiences in SaaS and technology, all-in-one agencies, healthcare and education have shaped how she collaborates with her peers to empower colleagues with actionable data. A lifelong resident of Boston, she enjoys volunteering in her community and traveling to new places.