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The Daily News is a family-owned multimedia company that specializes in local news coverage. It has been in business since 1981 and has won 11 Pulitzer Prizes. The company also has a website that you can visit for more information about the paper’s coverage. In addition to providing news coverage in New York and surrounding states, the company also produces a wide range of multimedia products, including radio, television, and even a magazine.

The Daily News is a family-owned multimedia company with local news coverage

Batavia-based The Daily News is a family-owned media company with a rich history of covering local news. Founded 142 years ago, the company is part of the Johnson Newspaper Corp., a multi-media news group with coverage throughout New York, including the Hudson Valley, the North Country, and the state Legislature. Local journalists are the backbone of the company, and the newspaper’s format remains the same as when it was first published.

Historically, newspapers have been the primary source of local news and information in America. Yet, the large media chains have been increasingly aggressive in buying and selling newspapers, often leaving small and mid-sized papers with no alternative but to merge with another company or close. The largest newspaper chains now control more than half of all dailies, and in many cases, nearly 70 percent.

It has been in business since 1981

Based in Batavia, New York, The Daily News is part of the Johnson Newspaper Corp., a family-owned media company that covers New York’s Hudson Valley and North Country. The paper has a long history of balancing conservative and liberal stances, but has recently begun shifting toward a more moderate position. Its original format is still the same as it was 142 years ago and is still a staple of the Genesee County community.

The CRTC’s direction outlined criteria for evaluating a newspaper’s chances of survival and editorial quality. While the company’s odds of survival were taken into account, other factors included the editorial character of the newspaper and the publisher’s previous performance.

It has won 11 Pulitzer Prizes

The New York Daily News has been winning Pulitzer Prizes for editorials since 1931. Three members of the editorial board have been awarded this prestigious honor. They include Arthur Browne, Beverly Weintraub, and Heidi Evans. The paper has also won a Pulitzer for investigative reporting. The Daily News editorial board was also recognized in 2007 for its investigation of the widespread abuse of eviction rules by police officers.

In addition to the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on September 11, the Daily News won two more in non-September 11 categories. Two Pulitzer Prizes went to writers who wrote about the problems faced by the homeless community in Utah and the problems faced by the state’s prison system. Another Pulitzer for investigative reporting went to the Boston Globe, which uncovered a failure to share information about dangerous truck drivers and a lack of federal oversight of the trucking industry.

It has a website

The Daily News has a website that is dedicated to presenting a wide range of news and information to its readers. Powered by the staff of the daily newspaper in Genesee, Wyoming, and Orleans counties, the site is an online resource for local news and views. The staff has won numerous awards in writing, photography, and advertising.

It has a print edition

The Daily News publishes a print and digital edition every day and also has special editions throughout the year. The newspaper is part of a larger media footprint on campus. The eight-year-old Unified Media Lab encourages multimedia collaborations across campus and features two print publications, a weather broadcast station, WCRD radio and a sports media and production center.

The Daily News’ print edition has a history of struggling with circulation. In the 1990s, it was owned by media mogul Mortimer B. Zuckerman, who bought the paper out of bankruptcy in 1993. After that, he slashed the newsroom and fired top editor Jim Rich, who had successfully revived the paper by portraying it as an anti-Trump response. Zuckerman sold the paper to Tribune Publishing in 2017 for $1, which was then known as Tronc. After the sale, the Daily News won a Pulitzer Prize for public service for its journalism.