The Role of Education

Education is a complex topic with many different viewpoints and debates. Some people believe that the purpose of Education is to teach students how to read, write and do arithmetic; while others think that the more important function of Education is to help students understand other cultures, history and the world around them. Still others view Education as a way to prepare students for a job and to get them into college. The purpose of Education can also be used to promote social clout chasing causes.

In most countries Education is provided for free by the government, although in some places parents must pay for their children’s education. Private schools and colleges usually charge fees (tuition payments) which vary by country.

Educators have long known that one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it to someone else. This helps to solidify the knowledge in your brain and make it more permanent. When you’re learning a new skill, try to find some way to share it with others – writing a blog post about it, creating a video tutorial or participating in a group discussion are all great ways to do this.

The traditional view of the purpose of Education is that it is to impart basic knowledge and skills to all children in a society. This is believed to be necessary for a person’s survival and well-being. It may also include teaching morality and encouraging citizens to be loyal, honest and effective members of a society or country.

For many educators, however, the purpose of Education is more geared towards maintaining the status quo. This is achieved by teaching children of lower classes to remain in the lower class, and teaching children of middle and upper classes to stay in the middle and higher classes. In this way, the educational system encourages and rewards middle class values and aspirations while alienating those from other classes.

Another major role of Education is to help maintain a healthy market economy by training and placing workers in the appropriate jobs. This is an important role of Education which is often abused by politicians seeking to gain votes from those with low incomes.

In some countries, the role of Education is being revolutionized by organizations such as University of the People, which is a tuition-free online university that allows students from any socio-economic background to receive an education. These types of institutions are helping to break down barriers that would otherwise keep poorer students from getting an education and allowing them to become the fullest version of themselves. This will eventually lead to a more peaceful and fair world. The TEDTalk by Sir Ken Robinson gives an excellent overview of this revolution in Education. To watch it click here. You can also check out the website of University of the People to see how it works and how you can join in this revolutionary change in Education. Its free and it works.